RIP, Sadie ~ The Best Dog Ever.

Yesterday was the first day at home alone without my faithful friend for the last 16 years. We had to say goodbye to our Sadie over the holidays and the house sure does feel empty.  Anybody else dealing with the loss of a beloved pet? It’s more like losing a family member really, isn’t it? She will be forever missed. She was the best family dog ever. We all loved her very much. Click on to my Scrapbook Page for more photos of our beautiful Golden Retriever, Sadie. ~ Sunny



Cheers to 2018!


Ooooooops! I mean Happy NEW Year, Baby! 😉 Let’s make 2018 Healthy, Prosperous, Successful and full of Love and FUN! No matter your age keep to the Sunny side of life! Photo: What was his name again? (hehe) Billy Brown xo ~ Sunny